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    …so it’s been now over a week since the new forum had any substantive adds to the “debates.”

    Well, at least those that the editor is deigning to print.

    Two definitions to focus on:

    “debate” which typically involves dialogue including opposing views (and yes, sometimes heated), and

    “insanity,” which involves doing the same thing thing and expecting different results.

    Point blank: wanting an “honor” system when those spewing their endless propaganda have no honor – like Malcolm and the Echoes – just’ won’t happen.

    Then again, this is EXACTLY the same thing I personally told you, what, three years ago now? Your linked “ecosystem” thread has the clear – as in nine years and running – problem, and somehow you cannot understand what the problem is….?

    Sorry, but that is simply not believable.

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    Repeated calls to improve the “ecosystem” that do not take into account the ec(h)osystem are simply d00med to failure.

    It is just that simple.

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    Since the source of personal attacks, etc., is generally from anonymous posters, their posts need a moderator for content.

    So, provide a registration system where registered users real names are used. Others will be deemed anonymous.

    For anonymous posters, provide a grade, e.g., 1-10. If the poster is at 1, no moderation is generally needed. If the poster is at 10, moderation is always needed. The grade level can be assigned by the host.

      1. 5.2.1

        Apparently “real” names are not required.

        But some type of “secret handshake” may be.

        That, or a certain “selected” viewpoint.

        As it is now, it won’t last.

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    I suggest a trial where you turn the comments off for each new post, and instead, as a final step of publishing a new item, create a forum topic for that post. That won’t remove all of the repetitive themes and tropes that characterize the current threads, but popular posts/discussions will gain their own gravity- not fall off the page in a few days, as inevitably the comment threads do now as new content is added. If you maintain both comments and forums, the divided attention will likely stunt the forums before they get started…..

    Looking forward to interesting growth on the site.

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      I think that it is less that things “fall off the page” and more that counter points are simply ig nored, and the ad nauseum, ad infinitum repetituous drive-by monologues simply take root in whatever new thread comes along.

      The idea to segregate the running topics from the new topics is not a bad idea. But it just does not resolve the REAL problem with the lack of engaging in any sense of meaningful dialogue.

      My prediction is that it just will not work. Too difficult to engage, and it won’t be engaged. Too “easy” to not engage and continue to simply post in a drive-by style, and engagement just won’t happen.

      Of course, this very thing was pointed out DIRECTLY to Prof. Crouch some three three or four years ago.

      And also of course, in the “ecosystem” thread, we all learned that the blight here (by personal pseudonym both beginning and ending with “M”) has been engaging in his same “style” for nine years and running.

      Let me know when real dialogue is really and truly desired.

      1. 3.1.1

        counter points are simply ig nored, and the ad nauseum, ad infinitum repetituous drive-by monologues

        The magnificent solid gold trophy you’ve earned for rising above such behavior for so many years is currently in the process of being forged. Please be patient!


          There is no doubt whatsoever that I do in fact rise above such behavior.

          You mistake the ability I have to employ snark effectively WHILE I a make valid legal points – something you sorely lack.

          I also do not twist and mischaracterize what others post – like you oh so typically do.

          You also – quite differently than I – routinely run away from counter points presented.

          So, quite clearly Malcolm, there is a world of difference between you and I.


              Since one can only lead a horse to water, yes, 6, the snark I use is effective for what it is: snark.

              One only has to look at the Echoes and their feeble attempts to retaliate against me to see that my use of that rhetorical tool strikes its mark.

              Oh, and lest you forget the other part of my statement, my points on law are dead on as well.


                One only has to look at the Echoes and their feeble attempts to retaliate against me to see that my use of that rhetorical tool strikes its mark.

                Verily it must be written: you are the One True Master of the Snark. The total decimation of the Echoes is nearly complete in your own mind. The exhausted anti-patent forces lay about like so many chocolate covered ants on a withering stalk of celery besmeared with peanut butter. Who is next? Let them shudder in fear.

                1. Yet another selective edit.

                  What was the objective difference between the reply that you removed, Prof., and the item to which that reply was geared to?

                  It’s not like I haven’t asked that question before, nor is it a difficult question to answer.

                  And yet, my reply was to something that has blighted these threads nine years and running – well before I posted here (maybe you should pay attention to that “ecosystem” link you posted twice…

                  Just saying.

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    If the new forum is by “invitation only,” or is merely a mechanism for presenting “selected” views, you might want to point that out.

    1. 2.1

      I will note that the small population of comments indicates a possibly less devious (!?) mechanism: only posts with real names allowed.

      That too might be made more clear.

      Publius and I will be (necessarily) elsewhere.

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    Tried to post a reply on the new forum. I received an email with my login name and a password, asking me to log in. But it doesn’t work:

    “Sorry, we can’t find an account with that username”

    “Password is incorrect. Please try again.”

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