Cheek Responds: The Whole Story

CheekDI previously wrote about Alfred Pirri’s federal complaint against Lori Cheek and her company Cheek’d.  The story looked like an odd-ball law professor exam question:  Mild mannered Pirri had a great idea for reverse online dating, he told his personal therapist who told a friend (who happened to be the fabulous entrepreneur Lori Cheek) and the friend stole the idea and patented it for herself.

Lori Cheek has now responded with a basic statement that the story is an entire whole-cloth fabrication. Cheek writes:

Hi Dennis,

I saw your story “Reversing the Patent on Reverse Online Dating.” The allegations contained in Mr. Pirri’s complaint are completely untrue and defamatory. They are terribly upsetting to me personally, but I am assured they will be dealt with quickly and effectively in court. 
If you’ve actually read the entire complaint, you can see for yourself that Mr. Pirri’s story is bizarre. Neither I nor either of my co-inventors had ever heard of, much less knew Mr. Pirri’s therapist, Joanne Richards, and Ms. Richards confirms that she had never heard of any of us, prior to this lawsuit. 
Neither I nor my co-inventors would ever do – and never did – the things that are alleged by Mr. Pirri.  We are a highly regarded, ethical company. If you wish to pass judgment on me or my company, I simply ask that you wait for the outcome of this matter, which we hope will come soon, which will completely exonerate me, my co-inventors, and Cheekd, Inc. 
Lori Cheek, CEO
Cheekd, Inc.

 [Reproduced with permission] Pirri’s attorney Oleg Mestechkin has responded that the case “will shed light on the truth.”

Reversing the Patent on Reverse Online Dating


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    Why Isn’t the Senate Intel Committee looking into the Fake News Networks in OUR country to see why so much of our news is just made up-FAKE!

    “Every patent creates a job.”
    “Software isn’t logic.”
    “If you oppose software patents, you don’t know anything about patents or technology”

    This must be what Mango Hairball is complaining about, right?


    Tonight I’m going to set up some pumpkins on the fence and whack em with a big aluminum baseball bat. Sounds messy? It’s not if you put a pillowcase over the pumpkin first.

    1. 2.1

      Software isn’t logic.

      We’ve been over this – please stop dissembling.

      Copyrights protect an aspect of software (expression)
      Patents protect a different aspect of software (utility)

      You seem to want something that is just not so. And yet, you refuse to admit the natural consequence of what you want would also show up in copyright law.

      Stultifyingly, you classify this as “fake news” – when it is YOU that is being fake here.

      Alas, your number one meme of Accuse Others is merely what is on display.

      1. 2.1.1

        [two second internet search] Computer logic is an aspect of computer design concerning the fundamental operations and structures upon which all computer systems are built.


        But keep screeching that “up is down!”, “anon.” It’s very serious stuff and if you keep repeating it over and over again everyone will start believing it as far as you know. And you’re definitely not at all like Mango Hairball. Nope. Not you. You’re tremendously serious. The most serious ever, really.



          You are simply not understanding how the term is being used in the art and you are attempting to misconstrue that term from the legal meanings involved in copyright and patent law.

          Pull your head out.


            You are simply not understanding how the term is being used in the art

            Man, just stop digging already. Zip it, dry up, and then blow far, far away. Please. For everyone’s sake.


              More of that Accuse Others meme…


              (I noticed that you mention nothing about all that “e v i l” “logic” being copyrighted all over the place…)

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    at the blog onlinedatingpost

    Regards, Fernando

      1. 1.1.1

        No, sorry.
        But you can contact Dave Evans via his blog “onlinedatingpost” and ask him if he knows something.
        Regards, Fernando

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