One thought on “Nancy’s Musical Box Intro Vid on TM Law

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    If I may say so, this is an utterly superb effort and initiative. If we wish to get the public on the side of our profession and of the IP system, this is precisely what is needed because it is at the right level (neither too demanding not condescending) and put out in an entertaining way with amusing characters. It would have appeal to everyone from age 8 to age 80.

    Similar efforts on the patent side are needed – especially given the continuing difficulties over Section 101. Has there been anything similar from the software/business method people, or from the pharmaceutical/biotech people?
    There are stories to be told, and they are not reaching the public. But videos like this could be both entertaining and educational.

    Interestingly, although apparently directed at a US audience, the video was at least partly funded by the UK IP Office.

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