See you Soon: Aug 19 Symposium and Publication Opportunities

Event: I am looking forward to presenting a new project at the annual BYU Copyright Symposium on Thursday, August 19, 2021. The event is online and free, but you must register first.  My co-author and co-presenter is Dr. Homayoon Rafatijo who has been a Chemistry professor and also finishing his JD this semester.  Our paper criticizes the Supreme Court’s sovereign immunity decision in Allen v. Cooper (2020), looking primarily at constitutional history issues.  [Symposium Home] [Schedule].  I believe that folks who register have access to the paper.  We’ll distribute more publicly after incorporating some feedback from the event.

Publication Opportunity: I have been newly appointed as the advisor for Mizzou Law’s business law journal: the Business, Entrepreneurship & Tax Review (BETR).  I have an essay coming out in the next issue on the topic of inventorship attribution and reattribution.  The staff is looking for one more outside article this Fall.  They prefer shorter articles (~20 pages) written and footnoted in law review style.  Submit here:

Publication Opportunity: Homayoon is lead articles editor for the Journal of Dispute Resolution (JDR) and they are also looking for an additional article for the fall.  With a grant from the NAA, the journal is also awarding prize money ($3k; $1k) for the best professional and student articles relating to labor and employment dispute resolution.  Lots of work is going on in this area involving non-compete, confidentiality, and IP transfer agreements within and between firms.  Submit here:

– Dennis

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    As for the indicated publication opportunity for “..employment dispute resolution. Lots of work is going on in this area involving non-compete, confidentiality, and IP transfer agreements..”
    As noted in prior blogs, and a FL U. law review article cited by a commentator in one blog, Fed. Cir. panels have inconsistently applied state contract law in some cases and in other cases made up and applied their own version of contract law, irrespective of where the contract was executed and normal federal court handling of contract disputes. A needed legal article.

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    Curious if your criticism of the Supreme Court’s state sovereign immunity decision in Allen v. Cooper (2020) will argue the Fifth Amendment Takings Clause* applies to state copyright [and patent] infringement under the Fourteenth Amendment? Or something else?
    *”private property [shall not] be taken for public use, without just compensation.”

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      The Allen decision finding sovereign immunity in the copyright context was premised on a prior Florida Prepaid decision regarding patent rights and sovereign immunity. The court basically held “if patents; then copyright” since they are both part of the “intellectual property clause.” Our paper argues that the historical differences between patent & copyright are significant enough that the court should have delved deeper rather than simply saying stare decisis.

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        At which point of any ‘deeper’ would one bifurcate on Sovereign Immunity as addressing the same allocation of authority in the Constitution?

        How would immunity be a function of the different objects within that same allocation?

        I am not implying that such could not happen, but more interested in understanding the legal footing (if any) or policy driver (if such) that would go to treat how a Sovereign may or may not do something given the fact that the authority is in fact a singular point.

        Are your views proscriptive (how you would want the law to read) or descriptive (how the structure of the law dictates an answer)?


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