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    Consider yourself lucky to have had a law firm partner willing to spend that much of their own billable time to train young associates. I have noticed even less of that over the years, especially with the increasing corporate pressure to reduce application preparation and prosecution costs [and then complain about IPR and litigation consequences].

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      I hear you — commoditizing of prep and pros has resulted in plenty of “lemons” that our firm has picked up from other firms to turn into lemonade.

      So far we have been relatively successful in holding our prices because we have aimed for value instead of price.

      And yes, to those that do not prosecute, there is a significant difference.

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        Back in the old days when I was a mere tyke in the 90s I was given plenty of training from fellow associates and from the partners at big law firm. Those days are no longer, and I feel sorry for people entering IP law for the last 10 years or so. Throw the baby into the deep end of the pool and see if she makes it.

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    Amazing. The days of red ink…. Word comments and track changes just aren’t the same. Anyway, I am honored to have spilled red ink to help you get your start!

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