Patents Issued Per Year

The USPTO’s fiscal year ends at the end of September, so this chart is slightly preemptive.  But, it shows that patent grants have fallen again this year by about 5.5% from 2021 and 11% below the all-time high in FY2020.  The drop shown here is likely reflective of the pull-back experienced in the first year of COVID.  I have not yet done a breakdown of the relative numbers on original filings vs continuations and US vs foreign.  – Crouch

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    I have not yet done a breakdown of the relative numbers on original filings vs continuations and US vs foreign.

    Does the “yet” betoken that this is something still in the works? I would be interested to see that breakdown if/when you present it.

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      Perhaps in addition to heeding Night Writer’s common refrain, he is also heeding my suggestion of segregating out the (multi-national) Big Corp — those to whom the power of the juristic person is so out of whack with how individuals and small entities are so much more in line with this Sovereign’s interests.

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    Be nice to see the utility patents granted that did not have a foreign origin.

    Looks like the number of US patents granted with a US origin as remained almost flat since 2014.

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    Dennis, haven’t you realized by now that all graphs are dishonest?

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      (Unless they tell a story that I like, in which case they must be accepted uncritically.)

    2. 2.2

      I do chuckle as Greg (yet again) plays patty-cake with an inane attempt at ‘poking fun’ at a legitimate point having been made.


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    End of the Fiscal Year = Deal Making Time

    I’ve been seeing the usual uptick in phone calls from Examiners looking to make a deal.

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      (Directed at the Examiner behavior)

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        What’s the matter with making a “deal” bro? I made 2.5 deals so far this bi-week. It will prob be 3. That’s a good number, I’m usually around 1-2. Both cases already settled just required minimal amendment to be solidly allowed so why not? The other one is a Highway case that I figured they might want to get done quicker, and I was right, it appears they would like to, but haven’t accepted yet.

        I might make another deal just pi ss you guys off lol.


          What’s the matter with making a “deal” bro?

          I am wondering the same thing. I have never yet seen an examiner offer to allow a plainly invalid claim just to get the extra count. That end-of-quarter deal-making rush does not seem to be at all detrimental to the public’s interests, at least not in my experience.


            … says the guy that always demands ‘evidence’ of others, protests that any such personal experience is not the same as evidence, and haughtily pretends that he is ‘above reproach’ (even as he is caught
            about reading posts by yours truly.

            I suppose his level of hypocrisy is not even something that occurs to him.


              I can hear Greg’s inner Regina George clear as a bell: “Why are you so obsessed with me?!”

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      “The devil went down to Georgia, he was looking for a soul to steal. He was in a bind, ’cause he was way behind. He was willing to make a deal” :

      link to

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