Method of Cloning Mammals Issues as Patent


AIPLA: Last week, the USPTO issued a patent on a method of cloning mammals (U.S. Patent No. 6,781,030). The patent, issued August 24, 2004 is assigned to Tufts University and was originally submitted as an application in 1999.

Claim one is listed here:

1. A method of cloning a mammal, comprising the steps of:

a. fusing a somatic activated donor cell and an activated, enucleated oocyte in telophase II and of the same species as the donor cell, to thereby form a nuclear transfer embryo;
b. impregnating a mammal of the same species as the nuclear transfer embryo with the fused nuclear transfer embryo under conditions suitable for gestation of the cloned mammal; and
c. gestating the embryo in step b., thereby causing the embryo to develop into the cloned mammal.