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Goodwill for Patently-O

  • "Dennis Crouch runs a great blog, but don’t lend him $20 and expect to see it again." Daniel Wright — Patently Silly
  • "I really enjoy reading your blog." Barry Eager, Australian Patent Attorney
  • 我給這個Blog五顆星
  • "From one farm kid to another…keep blogging and I’ll keep reading" Stephen Nipper, Patent Attorney
  • "The blog is really good. You do a great job." Professor Douglas Lichtman, The University of Chicago Law School
  • "Your blog is terrific," Janice Mueller, Professor of Law, University of Pittsburgh School of Law
  • "We link to the blog internally as a good source for patent info." Kirkland & Ellis IP Attorney
  • "You do a great job." John Welch, Foley Hoag IP Attorney.
  • "I always enjoy reading your weblog each morning." Douglas Sorocco
  • "Love the website!!" Professor Vanessa Pierce, Ave Maria Law School
  • "Great BLOG!" Professor John McDermott, Loyola Law School, Los Angeles
  • "Dennis Crouch, a patent attorney at the Chicago law firm McDonnell Boehnen Hulbert & Berghoff, covers patent law with substantial depth and scope. His topics range from new lawsuits to interesting inventions, but first goal is to review every appellate opinion directly related to patent law, most regulatory and legislative changes, and some district court opinions." Roberg J. Ambroji
  • "You have one of the nicest IP blogs I know." Paul Schwander, EPO
  • "I check your website everyday and I find it a valuable source of information for my job." USPTO Patent Examiner
  • "Your summaries are better than IP Law Bulletin." Ropes & Gray Attorney
  • “I recently stumbled across your blog and found some very helpful information.” Heller Ehrman Attorney
  • “I enjoy reading your blog–as a[n] associate in an IP firm, it’s been a useful resource to keep up on new developments when I don’t have time to read the full text of every Federal Circuit opinion.” Adam Kessel
  • “I enjoyed your post on today’s Federal Circuit case … Thanks for the great blog!” Andrew Zangrilli, Senior Producer,
  • “Dennis, I’ve been visiting your blog for some time and I’ve truly enjoyed your posts. Keep them coming!” 1L
  • “the kind of stuff our readers love.” Genie Tyburski,
  • “Obviously well done and stimulating. Thanks for your effort.” Ivan Rozek, Savantek
  • “I came across your blog today and was very impressed by the stories.” Catherine Hays, Editor, Patent World Magazine
  • “There are quite a few blogs related to Patent Law out there, and I really like yours for its ‘simplicity’.” Jeff Clavier, SoftTech VC
  • “One of my favorite blogs.” Marjorie Stern, Law & Entrepreneurship News
  • “I am enjoying you blog updates- concise, to the point and not overly burdensome to read.” Adam Carroll, LECG
  • “I very much enjoy your blog, and think you’re doing a great job.” Professor Polk Wagner, University of Pennsylvania
  • “I very much enjoy your blog.” Professor Amy Landers, University of the Pacific
  • “I have a blog now, too. I want to be just like you!” Ronald Coleman
  • "I find your blog quite useful." Rob Cogan, Nath Associates
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  • "Wonderful blog." Aventis In-House
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  • "I … am a regular reader." J. Craig Williams
  • "a great patent law blog." Gapersblock
  • "[Your] blog on patent law is far more fun than it deserves to be considering the dry subject matter." Paul Kedrosky
  • "I read your blog every day. It’s outstanding." Orrick Patent Attorney
  • "You’ve got a great site!" Doug Miller
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  • "Thanks a million!" Andy Gibbs, CEO PatentCafe
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  • "Thanks for the good insight." Peter Haas, Patent Attorney
  • "Our whole group reads your blog religiously everyday. Many other daily emails get ignored, but we never miss yours and probably spend more time talking about your posts than any other single topic!" VP Intellectual Property
  • "I want you to introduce me to Dennis Crouch from your firm. He has an amazing site on patents." Corporate Counsel
  • "Dennis, Thanks again for all your help and for the blog as well." IP Coordinator at Medical Devices Corporation
  • "What you’re doing is a very valuable service to our profession." Jim Hawes, Author of Patent Application Practice
  • "I think your Blog is excellent…review it everyday." J. Matthew Buchannan
  • "I was waiting for the first patent blog with good pictures, and then you came along." Martin Schwimmer
  • "Wow. That ain’t no itty bitty blog." Micha Arbisser
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  • "My question to you: how do you find time to do the blog?" Russ Krajec
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  • "great news resource." Rick Skrenta, CEO
  • "I’ve been looking through your past articles and found it to be a wealth of information on the field of patent law." Phoenix Pak
  • Blogroll:

    Patent Practitioners
    Stephen Nipper – InventBlog
    Russ Krajec – Everything Under The Sun
    Matt Buchanan – Promote the Progress
    Bill Heinze – IP/Updates
    Peter Zura’s – 271 Patent
    Karl Lenz – Lenz
    Douglas Sorocco – PHOSITA
    Robert Shaver – Patent Pending
    Phil Mann – IP Litigation Blog
    Dennis Crouch (me) – Patently-O

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    Erik Heels – LawLawLaw
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    Kevin O’Keefe – Real Lawyers :: have blogs
    Kevin Heller – Tech Law Advisor
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    Ernest Svenson – Ernie The Attorney
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    Matt Homann – The [non]billable
    Robert Ambrogi – LawSites
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    Jerry Lawson – NetLawBlog
    Sabrina I. Pacifici – beSpacific
    Copyfight (Various Authors)
    Jason Shultz – LawGeek
    Ernest Miller – The Importance Of …
    Volokh Conspiracy (Various Authors)
    Tom Mighell – Inter Alia
    The Blawg Channel (Various Authors)
    Bill Gratsch –
    Jeremy Blachman
    Underneath their Robes
    Crescat Sententia (Group Blog)
    How Appealing – Howard Bashman
    Software Only – Jeff Clavier
    Cairns Blog – Beth Simone Noveck

    Here are some recent news-hits for the Patently-O Patent Blog:

  • The Reach of Law, Patent World Magazine, May 2005.
  • Will Patent Reform Become a Reality?, Lawyers Weekly USA, May 23, 2005 [pdf]
  • A Modest Proposal, The Recorder, May 9, 2005 [pdf]
  • USPTO Issues Action in eBay-Requested Re-Exam of MercExchange Patent, AuctionBytes, March 29, 2005 [pdf]
  • Patent Ruling Presents Stiff Challenge to eBay, InformationWeek, March 16, 2005 [pdf]
  • RIM Settles Patent Suit for $450 Million, TechNewsWorld, March 16, 2005 [pdf]
  • Court Rules on MercExchange v eBay Patent Case,, March 16, 2005 [pdf]
  • Microsoft gets new trial in browser patent case, Chicago Tribune, March 3, 3005 [PDF Copy]
  • Appeals Court Orders Retrial in $565M Eolas Suit Vs. Microsoft, IP Law Bulletin, March 3, 2005 [PDF Copy]
  • U.S. Agency Seeks Reexamination Of Biotech Patent, IP Law Bulletin, February 17, 2004 [PDF Copy]
  • "Yale Wins Suit Against Nobel Laureate," Science Magazine’s Daily News, February 14, 2005
  • "Domain Name Protection," Domain Times Net: the Domain Industry Network Newspaper [PDF]
  • Federal Circuit Hears Oral Arguments In Crucial Patent Case, IP Law Bulletin, February 9, 2004 [PDF Copy]
  • "A Baffling Case about Patent Lingo", National Journal’s Technology Daily by Sarah Lai Stirland, February 7, 2005.
  • Globe & Mail Column on NTP v. RIM, January 25, 2005
  • Court’s Defining Moment on Claim Language, Patent Office Professional Association Newsletter, November 2004
  • The [Non]Billable Hour Five by Five, IP Edition
  • Modern Practice Magazine November 2004
  • Defining Your Terms: A review of the Briefs in Phillips v. AWH, Patent World Magazine, December 2004 [PDF]
  • Face-Full Paintball Magazine November 2004, Issue 24 (Limited On-Line Access)
  • Law Technology News October 2004 (free subscription)
  • Microsoft strengthens HTML patent with Eolas, ZDNet UK, October 11, 2004
  • IP Law Bulletin September 14, 2004 (Subscription)
  • Gapers Block August 31, 2004
  • Modern Practice Magazine September 2004, Issue 28
  • Chicago Tribune article on Eolas v. Microsoft, August 25, 2004 (subscription)