Patently-O Patent Prosecution TipCast No. 1

PatentlyOImage010The first Patently-O Patent Prosecution TipCast has just been released.  The TipCast series is an audio lecture series that is intended to provide helpful hints and information to patent attorneys and agents.  TipCast No. 1 provides a tip relating to revival of abandoned applications.

Click to Download and Listen to TipCast No. 1. (2.9 MB, mp3 format, 3 minutes audio).


Thanks goes to Evan Brown and the rethink(ip) group for their inspiration and encouragement.  For those interested in the creation of the TipCast — I used my laptop computer hooked to a Logitech USB microphone ($14) and a software package titled Media Wizard (CDH Productions, $50) to record my voice.  I also used Media Wizard to mix-in the music.  Although I have some radio experience from my days as an announcer at WPRB Princeton, this was my first digital recording.

A client who is also a Patently-O reader sent me a note this morning that the recording was very nicely done, but that it seems like a lot of work on my part — She asks, “why the audio form rather than visual?”

My Response: There is new technology coming along that is going to make the audio format very easy to use — although right now only the real techno-geeks and audiophiles are involved. I have to admit that I still know very little about this, but there is technology available to allow your hand-held device, such as your iPod or even your cell phone, to subscribe to an audio feed. Each time the feed is updated, the device would download the mp3 file and allow you to listen to the newest update. With a touch of a button, you could listen while on your morning commute or while working out at the gym.

 Thank you for all the comments and complements on the TipCast.  Even my wife was very nice this morning to mention that I certainly have the face for Podcasts. . .

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    Patently-O Patent Prosecution TipCast No. 1

    I’ve added Dennis Crouch of Patently-O: Patent Law Blog to the list of legal blawgcasters. Dennis has recorded and posted his first ‘cast (with shownotes):…

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    If you’re going to be up on the hippest new technology in blogging, you have to use the proper name. I’ve heard it referred to as “PodCasting” (after the iPod). Perhaps TipCast doesn’t want that phrase used, but that’s the lingo floating around the blogosphere.

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