Texas Patent Attorney Shot and Killed.

PatentlyOImage036In a bundle of sad news, it appears that late last week, patent attorney Jackie Duke of Houston shot and killed patent agent Michael Hartmann before killing himself.  Hartmann was an in-house counsel at Cooper Cameron and head of the patents department.  Duke also worked as a consultant for the Cameron patent department. The shooting occurred at Cooper Cameron headquarters in Texas.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to their families, friends, and co-workers.


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    Hi, Law Student.

    There was a story on this on law.com several days ago, so it is not updated with recent news, but it has more information for you.

    link to law.com


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    Hi Mr.Crouch,
    I was just wondering whether you had more information about this tragic event. Google points to your blog as the only relevant reporting source. Was there a reason why this Patent Attorney shot a Patent Agent? Was it work-related? Why did such an event occur? This is very sad, and also at the same time very shocking. Thanks for all your time.

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