Upcoming CLE’s

This Week:

  • Patent Preparation and Prosecution, through Dunes CLE.  April 6–7 in Las Vegas.  Patently-O is a media sponsor of the event, and I will be presenting on Friday afternoon.
  • ABA’s IP Law Conference, April 6–8 in Arlington, VA (DC).  This conference is worth it for the opening panel — Mark Banner, Chief Judge Michel, Judges Ellis (E.D.Va) and Illston (N.D.Ca), Professor Kimberly Moore, Joe Re (KMOB), Bob Krupka (K&E), Dale Cendali (OMelveny), William Lee (Wilmer). Best practices in IP Trials.

Coming Soon:

  • Blog Law and Blogging for Lawyers, through LSI.  April 21–22 in San Francisco.  I am co-chairing this conference and am very excited about the excellent panel that we’ve pulled together.  More info here.
  • PTO Business Method Partnership Meeting, May 3 at the USPTO. Meet the examiners and supervisors behind your indefiniteness and unpatentable subject matter rejections. . . . Actually these folks are very cool and hold this meeting to answer questions and get input on how things are going.