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Here are three new patent papers that I found interesting:

  • AcademicEggHeadBeth Simone Noveck of New York Law School proposes a peer-to-patent system that would harness the public “collective intelligence” and allow members of the public to suggest references to the Examiner. [Link]
  • Stuart Minor Benjamin and Arti Rai of Duke Law School provide a useful framework for how the Administrative Procedures Act (APA) should be applied in post-grant reviews. [Link]
  • Margo Bagley of Emory Law School is worried that the prospect of patent rights forces researches to delay dissemination of their research. Professor Bagley proposes an opt-in filing delay that would allow a two-year grace period coupled with early publication of the patent application [Link] (Published in the Boston College Law Review).

Patent Blog Posts: The world of patent blogs is continuing to grow.  Here are

Patently-O Intellectual Property Schedule: I have started a new Google calendar to keep track of upcoming conferences and events in the patent world. The feed for the calendar is publicly available through these icons:   and is apparently best seen through any product that supports the iCal format (like iCal for Mac or Mozilla’s Sunbird).  Please send suggested events to

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    Thanks for the link to the article. Let me also point out that there is a website about the project at: link to The paper is posted there as a wiki and comments and changes are welcome on the wiki or via email.

    The Patent Office will shortly announce a public meeting on May 12 to announce the launch of the pilot project described in the article. They plan to create an online system for peer review of patent applications. Please visit the Community Patent website for more info. I’ll post a link to the USPTO announcement when it goes up.

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    My analysis of 3 pharmaceutical cases that arose under the Hatch-Waxman act (paragraph IV certification) can be found at (see vol.7, #72)

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