Patently-O TidBits

  • Highway 101: Oracle and GWU are hosting a timely symposium on patentable subject matter in light of Lundgren and Metabolite.  For law school faculty, Oracle will sponsor your paper and travel expenses to the November conference in Washington DC. Conference Details PDF.
  • Fire of Genius: After regularly contributing to several blogs, Professor Joseph Miller at Lewis & Clark has started his own blog
  • TinyTechIP: Blaise Mouttet is also a long-time blog comment-writer.  His new blog focuses on nanotechnology patent developments.
  • PunchcardTechnoLawyer: I regularly receive the TechnoLawyer intellectual property newsletter, known as “IPMemes.” Last year, TechnoLawyer members picked Patently-O as the “Best Practice Area Blog” on the net.  This year, Patently-O is up for Favorite Legal Blog — Your vote would be appreciated.
    • How to vote (3 minute process):
    • Note — the one issue with TechnoLawyer is that they send quite a few e-mails — I would recommend using your yahoo or gmail account. (I setup a rule in outlook)