Internet Gamer Loses Millions in Default Patent Judgment

PatentLawPic022Bodog is an offshore internet gambling operation.  The US Government considers internet gambling illegal. And, for some time, Bodog’s famous leader, Calvin Ayre, has reportedly avoided stepping back on US soil.

In 2006, Bodog was sued for patent infringement by 1st Technology. Bodog failed to respond to the complaint, and now the Nevada district court has issued a default judgment of $46 million+. 1st Technology has also requested an injunction to stop all Bodog advertisements of infringing products.

Bodog’s domain name is apparently being pulled-into the mix to satisfy the judgment. [LINK] Meanwhile bodog is operating at


  • The patent at issue is U.S. Patent No. 5,564,001.
  • Several online gambling sites have previously licensed the patent from 1st Technology including playtech.

6 thoughts on “Internet Gamer Loses Millions in Default Patent Judgment

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    The company could have hired counsel to file a special appearance to contest jurisdiction; no need for Ayre to come to the US personally for that. I expect that the company figured that it didn’t have any assets in the US that could be affected, since the USG would have already moved against them. It appears that the domain name could be reached, though, but I’m not sure it’s worth anything unless you want to run a casino (and also run afoul of the USG).

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    In regards to Mr Ayre not comming to U.S; in order to respond to patanet complaint. How would he be able to do so if he is subject to immediate arrest upon stepping on U.S. soil ?

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