IP Hall of Fame 2007

WinningCupThe conservative British publication, Intellectual Asset Management (IAM) Magazine, sponsors an annual induction ceremony into the IP Hall of Fame. This years induction will be part of the Ocean Tomo Fall Auction in Chicago next month. However, IAM has released the names of winners already. Some highlights:

  • Judge Pauline Newman (Federal Circuit Judge)
  • Kevin Rivette (of Rembrandts in the Attic)
  • Gerald Mossinghoff (Former USPTO Commissioner)
  • Jerome Gilson (of Gilson on Trademarks)
  • Karl Jorda (Franklin Pierce Law Center)
  • Joseph Straus (Max Planck Institute for IP)
  • Hugh Laddie (All around UK IP Bigwig)
  • Hisamitsu Arai (Former Japanese Patent Office Commissioner)

I am a voting ‘academy member’ of the Hall of Fame along with a host of better qualified intellectual property leaders.



17 thoughts on “IP Hall of Fame 2007

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    Judge Pauline Newman has been an outstanding friend of the patent system. Long may she continue in the CAFC. If I had a vote, she would receive it (with no disrespect to the other distinguished candidates)

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    Dennis – We have an inventors’ hall of fame closer to home – it is the National Inventors Hall of Fame in Akron, Ohio. Each year they induct a group of living inventors, and a group of deceased inventors. Anyone can nominate an inventor – all the nominee needs is a US patent. For more info see – http://www.invent.org. I hope you will post information about their doings – especially their induction ceremony each year. Jim

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    At least OJ has enough integrity in the eyes of the Las Vegas Justice Court to make bail. BTW, You Ring We Spring Bail Bonds (the real name, I am not making this up) now charges 15% for a bail bond. Remember that when you come to my town to get your memorabilia back.

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    Judge Pauline Newman’s opinions and dissents always seem to be well reasoned to me. Malcolm Mooneys’s posts, on the other hand …

  5. 12

    Just looked at last year’s winners. Sorry I missed the banquet — I would have paid real money to see James Madison and Victor Hugo pick up their awards!

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    People should page down in this blog and look at the very interesting report [9/11/07] from the IPO conference and Chief Judge Michel’s comments on Markman, which were fascinating and good advice for litgators [e.g. “don’t make us construe 50 terms when 40 of them aren’t important!”]

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    “[Insert obligatory Malcolm Mooney comment regarding Judge Newman here.]”

    OJ Simpson is in the Hall of Fame.

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