Patently-O Housekeeping

  • Patently-O continues to grow with over 280,000 visits in August 2007. (Double last-year’s numbers). Please let me know when you run across some interesting patent law news for the site!
  • Patently-O has now been consumed by a Missouri Limited Liability Corporation, Patently-O, LLC.
  • Part of the ‘business’ transition includes site sponsorship. The Chicago Intellectual Property Firm MBHB LLP (my former law firm) has become the first major sponsor.  Current MBHB attorneys author two other well respected IP related blogs: The OrangeBookBlog and PatentDocs. Thanks MBHB!

12 thoughts on “Patently-O Housekeeping

  1. I agree with Shirly. A “how-to” section would be great help. Even though I have been doing this for almost 40 years, I still wonder about some of the things I do in light of the changing playing field of the law. The “means” claims I wrote many moons ago I now wouldn’t go near with ten foot proctoscope. We could start with: does anybody still include that boilerplate “While the invention has been illustrated with respect to several specific embodiments ….” at the end of the spec?

  2. Dennis, with so many visitors, why not take advantage of these numbers for surveys. The surveys of reader’s experience can supplement your studies. Indeed, with such a large sample group, you should be able to slice the data very finely, e.g., by art unit. I would be interested in seeing a survey of how many visitors support the reform bill and which particular provisions are supported. With this data in hand, legislators may be swayed by the numbers.

  3. Congratulations, Dennis, on your continued growth in readership. It is a great site. I especially appreciate getting the Federal Circuit briefs in important cases, since the court itself as well as PACER have not been willing to go the extra mile in making electronic briefs available online.

  4. Dennis, even for European practitioners interested in following-up what is happening in the US jurisdiction, your blog is very much interesting ! An excellent initiative which deserves much congratulations. Keep continuing !

  5. “(1) links to the cases discussed; ”

    I’d second that (if the cases are readily linkable such as CAFC cases) and add that links to the patents would be useful as well (assuming the PTO doesn’t mess with the links).

    Of course, I recognize that these are purely selfish concerns on my part.

  6. I love this site. As a new practioner the following additional features could be great.
    (1) links to the cases discussed;
    (2) a mini daily lesson on practical “how to” prosecute or draft applications, given all that is happening in the field. Practinioners can write in with their quesions or requests to discuss an issue and others can comment on how they would resolve that issue. This could serve as a platform for senior practioners to teach the new ones.

  7. Congrats, Dennis! Is there anyway they can do a feed for your sight? I tend to keep track of blogs via the Sage reader in Mozilla Firefox, and it would be easier if yours could feed into that. But I understand if it’s a hard thing to arrange.

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