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House Report:Please see the House Report on HR1908 explaining the House’s view of why this particular patent reform bill is necessary. The report includes a marked-up version of the current version of the bill.  A vote is being threatened for this week or next.

Law Firms Loving Reform: Advertising with Google Adwords and other online media is relatively cheap — especially when compared with typical IP firm advertising costs that can easly run $10,000 for a single full sheet ad in an ill-read monthly. Typically, online ads serve as a way for smaller companies receive publicity.  Interestingly, several major lawfirms — notably Fish & Richardson along with Thelen Reid — have set up camp on Google for any searches relating to Patent Reform.


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    HAHA. Fish and Richardson, and Thelen Reid are paying to appear on Google…and PatentlyO shows up as the top two real hits anyway!

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    An exception for “tax planning”, but an exception to the exception, for “preparing tax returns”. USA continues to enhance its reputation for supplying the world’s best entertainment products, but I never expected the Patent Statute to be one of them. Till now.

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    I take it this would mean that if a USG employee came up with an “invention” to increase, maximize or accelerate a taxpayer’s liability then it would be permissible for a patent to issue. Oh, that’s right…we already have that and it goes by the name “Congress”.

    Interesting dichotomy, to me anyway….

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    There is a newly introduced amendment in section 10 that calls for the banning of patents on “tax planning methods”. These are defined, inter alia, as any invention that is a “technique…that has, when implemented, the effect of reducing, minimizing, or deferring, a taxpayer’s tax liability” with the exception of tax preparation software.

    Congressman Boucher, who introduced this amendment, has acknowledged through his aides that this could ban a lot more than just inventions of tax planning schemes. It could be interpreted, for example, to cover all “money” related inventions.

    His office is working to modify the amendment before the vote this Friday so that it won’t cover more than they intended.

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