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  • Help prepare the next GSK brief with Michael Alexander’s WikiBriefs.
  • PatentLawPic112Intellectual Ventures plans to spend $2 billion over the next several years on patent rights. The ‘non-producing entity’ has been largely shut-out from top US university technology transfer deals because many universities and is now refocusing on doing deals with non-US universities and researchers.  US universities are not interested in selling because they want their licensees to develop the technologies. IntVen CEO Nathan Myhrvold told the WSJ that his company has not yet sued anyone for patent infringement. (See WSJ Blog).
  • PatentDocs blog is one year old. Congratulations on a great start! [Link] (The senior patent doc – Dr. Kevin Noonan – is pictured at right).
  • Patent Troll Tracker also provides a milestone — his 100th post. In that post, PTT calls for patent reform. He’s upset by “the numerous multi-defendant patent litigation cases being brought by non-practicing entities and patent trolls in the Eastern District of Texas.” [Link]
  • David Donoghue posts his “Blawg Review.”

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9 thoughts on “Patent Law News

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    The announcement of WikiBriefs was either a little premature or a lot premature. I’m still constructing the basic elements on the website. Unfortunately, I am not independently weathly, so progress can only occur in what little personal time is allowed for DC associates.

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    Should anyone be surprised that a tech-transfer office would not be enthused about a company whose existence depends on its ability to do a job better than most tech-transfer offices?

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    I followed the link in the above segment, “Help prepare the next GSK brief with Michael Alexander’s WikiBriefs.”

    I don’t see any facility for “helping prepare the next GSK brief.” Can anyone elucidate?

    Is Michael Alexander part of the counsel team for Tafas or GSK?

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    Intellectual Ventures plans are marvelous for IPRs but how it will stop technology transfer. It will be astonishing for the next decades.PatentDocs blog is absolutely marvelous program for future.

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    “Why should credibility be conferred on the PTT when there is no transparency?”

    Right back at you: Why should credibility be conferred on My2Cents when there’s no transparency?

    I love PTT for bringing transparency to an otherwise opaque area. My only regret in his/her not being available by email is that I can’t compliment the author for the fine job he/she is doing. And the writing is entertaining to boot. Keep up the good work, PTT.

  6. 3

    Patent Troll Tracker?
    Why continue to cite this anonymous blog without knowing who operates or finances it? Is it a shill? Is it run by a PR company? Intel? Microsoft?
    Why should credibility be conferred on the PTT when there is no transparency?

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    Two notes:
    “…from top US university technology transfer deals because many universities and is now..” seems to be missing a clause.

    It could be that IV is creating a quasi-“freedom to operate” in certain fields with the intention of commercializing these technologies by forming operating companies. Just posted a full comment and list of popular VC’s at link to

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    Where are you getting the idea that Intellectual Ventures is being shut out from U.S. University licensing? The article that you link to notes that IV has deals with over 80 Universities. While M.I.T. and Stanford may not be among these 80 this is hardly equivalent to being “shut-out”.

    Also for those interested in tracking recent innovative patents which may have higher than average potential licensing value check out my blogs at

    link to
    (tracking recent U.S. patents for micromechanical systems and nanotechnology)

    link to
    (tracking recent U.S. patents for robotics, pattern recognition and artificial intelligence)

    link to
    (tracking recent U.S. patents for interactive visual or audio electronics)

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