Patently-O Bits and Bytes No 39

  • Congratulations to Ryan Swarts! Mr. Swarts was my student in eCommerce Law and has been in charge of the successful Patently-O Job board for the past year … all while running his own company. Ryan recently graduated from MU Law and is now looking to specialize in trademark and copyright law, especially relating to the Internet. Now that he’s a free agent — feel free to contact him directly.  [Ryan’s Resume][Contact Ryan].
  • June 25–29: The FCBA’s Bench & Bar Conference will be in Silicon Valley area (Monterey) for the first time. Speakers are primarily judges and in-house counsel. [LINK].
  • Such As: Contract Specialist Kenneth Adams discusses the recent decision in Lawler Mfg. v. Bradley Corp. and the use of “such as” in contract formation. [LINK][Patently-O discussion of Lawler].
  • Egyptian Goddess En Banc: Oral arguments are online.

3 thoughts on “Patently-O Bits and Bytes No 39

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    Is anyone else here going to the Bench & Bar Conference in Monterey? I’ll be a panelist there, and I’d be glad to join anyone here for a cocktail.

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    Is the audio quality any better on this one than the Bilski argument? Seems like the bench was mic’d but not the counsel lectern. Made for a tough listen hearing the questions but not the answers.

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