Patent Docs: Top Biotech and Pharma Patent Stories of 2008

The Patent Docs of MBHB have created an excellent set of posts on the top biotech and pharma patent stories of 2008:

  1. Continuation and Claims Rules Enjoined in GSK/Tafas v. Dudas; USPTO Appeals Injunction
  2. The Rise and Fall of Other USPTO Rules Packages
  3. Patent Reform Stalls in the Senate
  4. New Written Description Guidelines Issued
  5. Examination of Obviousness in Group 1600
  6. The USPTO Comes under Attack
  7. Follow-on Biologics Debate Continues
  8. Impact of Presidential Election on U.S. Patent Practice
  9. The USPTO Tightens Its Grip on Practitioners
  10. USPTO’s PTA Calculations Called into Question
  11. Greater Cooperation between Patent Offices
  12. International Enforcement of Drug Patents
  13. Pharma Patent Injunctions in View of Amgen v. F. Hoffmann-La Roche

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