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Gene Quinn of IPWatchdog has complied the following ranking of “top patent blogs” based on their rating. Technorati rates blogs according to how many other blogs link-back. The actual ranking is not of much use (some of my favorites did not even make the list), but it is nice to have an updated list of sources. Thanks Gene.

Blogs that did not make Quinn’s list, but that are great include:

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    Though delighted that the “IP Factor” is ranked 19, which is great for an Israel focussed IP blog, I think the statistic is a little meaningless, in that the IPKAT is certainly rather more popular and prestigious and doesn’t get into top 25 at all!

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    I should add, I could care less about the fee, its the principle. MY GOV NOT UPHOLDING THE LAW? NOT IN MY COUNTRY! I’d like to get the courts to set a precedent and get them to change the law if they want to continue their dirty business then it should be in the code for all to understand easily with no little exceptions seeming to exist. I’d like my 85$ as a trophy though lol.

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    I should make this clear. Facts of the case:

    1 ticket – now paid, I missed the court date and as a result they suspended my license since I didn’t pay the fine in 15 days.
    DMV fine – not paid yet, they’re going to make me pay the full amount, and I’m going to appeal their decision to apply the fee law after I pay the fee and get my license. Then, if I win, I’ll file a case for my 85$ back. Hopefully anyway.

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    The bottom line, in the great Commonwealth of Virginia, don’t fight the law (the law will win every time); just make sure you are compliant at all times in certain key areas such as licensure and registration.

    As long as you are willing to acknowledge the authority of the Commonwealth to seriously mess with your life (e.g. submit yourself to the benevolence of the court) you can usually get a reduction in fees if you appear with the requisite contriteness and your ducks neatly in a row (even if ex post facto).

    But you gotta really feel it – if you try to fake it (e.g. I’m very sorry, but to tell you the truth, according to my interpretation of the law…), the court will catch on to the multifariousness and conditionality of your contrition – and you may get a larger fine.

    So, I’m guessing in your case you should just bite the bullet and mail in your fine lest you be faced with a writ of fieri facias.

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    McDonald’s is the “number one” hamburger restaurant. It doesn’t mean that eating there is good for you.

    To 6, “And I’m also faxing the commissioner with my interpretation of that law”

    don’t be surprised when the black Suburbans show up in your neighborhood…

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    I was going 0 mph at a stoplight, didn’t renew reg. I get mah license back tomorrow either way because I am going to pay the 85$, but I am also going to to write a letter protesting these portions of law (which are rather recently enacted) that make you pay an extra 85$ if you don’t pay 65 or whatever within 15 days. Ridiculous. I don’t even get my mail out of the box but once every 20 or so days. Snail mail is so last century. What with the thousands of bills that passed the legislature last year you’d think they could pass at least one that states that a copy of all notices will be emailed in addition to mailing, or at least, that you could opt to have it emailed instead of mailed.

    And I’m also faxing the commissioner with my interpretation of that law (which is actually the way I’d heard it described to me years ago when it went into effect) and a demand for 85$ refunded. I can’t wait for him to act on the fax I need to move, so I doubt he’ll give it to me in exchange for not taking them to court and wasting their lawyer $.

    The thing I don’t really understand about traffic courts is that if everyone came and fought to the bitter end for like one month then the whole thing would go up in smoke from state hired attorneys fees it seems to me like. Also I don’t understand why the general population puts up with half the regulations being on the books, it seems to me like you could easily win legislative seats in each section campaigning on nothing but repealing half the ridiculous sht that is on the books. Including the remnants of the once OMFG huge car tax.

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    Well 6, what I think you’re telling us, in so many words, is that I guess you won’t be needing that extra large window groove cup holder for your BigGulp.

    How fast were you going?

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    Lawyerly types explain something to me right fast will you. There is a law in VA that states that if you don’t pay a fine within like 15 days of being “convictedlol” of not paying a parking/speeding/etc. ticket then they will send your license to the DMV to be suspended. That is all good and well, but in

    link to

    “D. If the person pays the amounts assessed against him subsequent to the time the suspended license has been transmitted to the Department, and his license is not under suspension or revocation for any other lawful reason, except pursuant to this section, then the Commissioner shall return the license to the person on presentation of the official report of the court evidencing the payment of the fine, costs, forfeiture, restitution, or penalty.”

    which is the relevant portion of the statute stating when you’re to get your license back if you paid the fine to the county/city there is a portion that states:

    “then the commissioner shall return the license to the person on presentation of the official report of the court evidencing the payment of the fine…”

    However, the DMV maintains the position on their website that

    link to

    this section under portion C then imposes a fine to be paid before the commissioner returns the license.

    In relevant portion:

    “Whenever the driver’s license or registration cards, license plates and decals, or other privilege to drive or to register motor vehicles of any resident or nonresident person is suspended or revoked by the Commissioner or by a district court or circuit court pursuant to the provisions of Title 18.2 or this title, or any valid local ordinance, the order of suspension or revocation shall remain in effect and the driver’s license, registration cards, license plates and decals, or other privilege to drive or register motor vehicles shall not be reinstated and no new driver’s license, registration cards, license plates and decals, or other privilege to drive or register motor vehicles shall be issued or granted unless such person, in addition to complying with all other provisions of law, pays to the Commissioner a reinstatement fee of $30.”

    Now the question I have here is whether or not “title” means only 46.2-411 or it means the entirety of 46.2. And if it means the entirety of 46.2 can that section countermand the “shall” in “the commissioner SHALL return the license to the person on presentation [of something other than a 30$ fee to the DMV] of the official report of the court evidencing the payment of the fine (to the county/city)” without specifically naming that section as being countermanded?

    Perhaps an easier question for patent attorneys might be, is the SHALL in

    “An application for patent for an invention disclosed in the manner provided by the first
    paragraph of section 112 of this title in an application previously filed in the United States,
    or as provided by section 363 of this title, which is filed by an inventor or inventors named
    in the previously filed application shall have the same effect, as to such invention, as
    though filed on the date of the prior application, if filed before the patenting or
    abandonment of or termination of proceedings on the first application or on an application similarly entitled to the benefit of the filing date of the first application and if it contains or is amended to contain a specific reference to the earlier filed application. ”

    which gives you a fd for an app countermanded if there is another section requiring a fee to get the fd without mentioning section 120 at all and if you don’t pay the fee? Or would the previously filed application still have the same effect even though it might not ever get examined?

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    That would explain why I’ve never heard of it. I have heard of just over half of those listed, and the ones that are unknown to me are distributed fairly evenly through the rankings, i.e. there is zero correlation between the rankings and whether I’ve heard of them. OTOH, they have at least got number one right!

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    The listing of #4 is perplexing since its entire purpose for being is the systematic dismantling of all legislation enacted pursuant to Article 1, Section 8, Clause 8. It is the antithesis of a “patent blog”.

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