Bits and Bytes No. 94


  • I used a software algorithm to count the number of inventors in each utility patent application published June 2007- February 2009. The histogram below shows the result. The median application has two inventors. One German application lists 100 inventors (I’ll post the patent number when I get back to my office).

Revisiting Upcoming Conferences

  • Northwestern Law School’s Journal of Technology and Intellectual Property (NJTIP) is putting on a great event in Chicago on March 6, 2009 (Friday).
  • Howard University’s Institute of Intellectual Property and Social Justice IP Symposium – March 5-6. Day two will focus in patent issues and will include a year in review by Irving Kayton, a discussion of design patent issues by Jon Wood (Bridgestone); and panels that include Chief Judge Michel and Judge Linn as speakers.
  • Federal Circuit Year in Review (St. Louis) – March 13 – I’ll be presenting this one hour session sponsored by the Bar Assn. of Metropolitan St. Louis.
  • The IP Law SummitMarch 17-19 – hosted by the marcus evans company will be a nice event in Ponte Vedra, Florida. I will be speaking there along with Marc Began (Novo), Manny Schecter (IBM), Bruce Schelkoph (Cummins), Scott Kief (Wash U), Bruce Pokras (Pfizer), Colin Raufer (Boeing), Mony Ghose (BD), Ken Collier (Medtronic), Scott Reid (Lenovo), Chris Turoski (Cargill), Hope Mehlman (Regions Financial), Tom Boshinski (Mead), Wendall Guffy (Nestle), Tim Wilson (SAS), Robert Renke (Flashpoint), John Parrish (Sanofi), Mike Jaro (Medtornic), and Phyllis Turner-Brim (Intermec).
  • The Federal Circuit Symposium March 18. Sponsored by the FCBA and GWU Law School. Speakers include Chief Judge Michel, and Judges Friedman, Newman, and Rader; Senator Specter (invited); a heavy Supreme Court perspective with the five former solicitors general; academics speaking include John Duffy, Arti Rai, John Golden, and Rochelle Dreyfuss may largely focus on the role of the Federal Circuit.
  • Fordham IP Conference (NYC) – April 15-16. This conference has strong cross-Atlantic ties and will include judges and scholars from both continents.
  • IAM’s IP Business Congress in Chicago – June 21-23 – As the name suggest, this annual event focuses on how IP can be used in business. Sessions include “brand IP, strategic IP and business alignment, and IP value creation, as well as a range of breakouts examining legal, financial, strategic and business-related topics.”

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    “One German application lists 100 inventors (I’ll post the patent number when I get back to my office).”

    Like to see this one, do you have the number?

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    drat. it looked like my first comment didn’t post, so i posted again… sorry about the double post, folks.

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    A method of determining a number of inventors of a plurality of filed patent applications using a POWERFUL COMPUTER BRAIN, the method comprising…

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    A method of determining a number of inventors per filed patent application with a powerful computer brain, the method comprising…

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