ABA Journal’s Top 100 Legal Blogs

Blawg100_vote_bannerFor the third-year running, the ABA Journal has selected Patently-O as one of the top 100 legal weblogs — “the best legal blogs as selected by the Journal’s editors.” Last year, readers also voted Patently-O as the best blog covering a niche area of law. This year, the voting will likely be more competitive. I would appreciate your vote – this year, the ABA Journal is requiring that voters first register (free). [VOTE HERE]

IP Related Blogs that made the list include:

For Patently-O readers, the listing is probably most useful for locating non-patent blogs that look interesting (especially since many of the best patent-focused blogs were not included in the list).

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    …or to put it slightly differently, ABA “top blog” sounds like the next best thing to a Nobel Prize.

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