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    IBP also known as Cramden. If you went through just 5 years of what I have dealt with. And you too were stuck in the middle of Criminals and their Criminal friends you wouldn’t be so ignorant. I told the FLA BAR all about it on the Halloween date and the Thanksgiving date. And they thought it was funny. Raping me, poisoning me, shooting at me, getting me fired, and stealing my property just to mention some of what they did.So Ralph watch your self. You never know a Bankster and his little side puke could get you Fired again!

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    Jesu s would overturn the banking industry and take a whip to the banksters, followed by declaring the interwebs free to everyone forever, with the limitation that the interwebs would then be limited to the bible. Shortly before being killed by the jews.

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    Logical Extremes is right. Everything should be commodified. Shame on you for breathing that free air – you’re destroying commerce in bottled air! Markets rule!

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