18 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

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    Quite a shock to read that line-up. Hawkwind, like you and me, still working. Uplifting. Thanks MM.

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    Glastonbury 1971. Good times.

    Lineup included:

    David Bowie
    The Edgar Broughton Band
    Arthur Brown
    Fairport Convention
    Help Yourself
    Henry Cow
    Joan Baez
    Pink Fairies: link to youtube.com
    Mighty Baby
    Terry Reid – with David Lindley and Linda Lewis
    Brinsley Schwarz
    Pink Floyd (Unable to perform due to poor stage access for their set)
    Magic Michael
    The Worthy Farm Windfuckers (House Band featuring Thomas Crimble, Johnny Hodge & ‘English’ John Fox)

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    Getting on a bit then aren’t you Mr Palmer? I remember that too. But it was simply ages ago, that they had to step in to prevent ever-increasing numbers of young visitors from scratching their initials on the ancient stones.

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    I have been continually impressed with both the quantity and quality of your articles & papers. Thank You.

    Happy New Year to you and your family.

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    When I was a child, half the stones had fallen down at Stonehenge, and you used to be able to climb over them. AFAIK they have all been stood up and placed in the right places, and access is now restricted unless you are a druid celebrating the solstice.

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    Bonne année et bonne santé, Dennis! I look forward to seeing further aspects of your nefarious agenda implemented in 2013.

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    Congratulations on another great year of helping to keep us all very well informed! I would love to go to Stonehenge myself, as psrt of my family came from the Isle of Man, near it’s capital Douglas, as in Druid ancestry.

    Happy New Year Dennis!

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    Happy new year from me and from all your friends on this side of the Pond to you and your family, especially the two young ones.

    And thank you for the lovely family photos And you’ve been to stonehenge!

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    ….and the same from me. Happy New Year Dennis!

    I hope your family will continue kindly to tolerate the time you spend on this blog, for it must be a lot, and it is very much appreciated.

    I think that’s a shot of mysterious Stonehenge. There are very few patent attorneys in rural Wiltshire. So how gratifying it is, that you also had time to get there and back.

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