2 thoughts on “Hricik on Ethics

  1. OT (with but a whisper of connection to the them of this thread – ethics anyone?)

    How ethical is it when the Executive Office will not follow its own orders?

    each agency shall ensure the objectivity of any scientific and technological information and processes

    See Executive Order 13563 at link to gpo.gov section 5.

    Contrast with the ridiculously partisan and non-objective White House anti-software propaganda piece from last summer. The same piece that is currently being assailed by Courtenay Brinckerhoff at link to pharmapatentsblog.com and which is part of the pile-on spotlight being given to the Executive Office Shadow politics and the running of the headless USPTO by Hal Wegner.

    Note the ongoing underlying thread of Big Data (Lemley).

    Also note that the maxim still fits: the ends do not justify the means.

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