A BETR Journal: The Business, Entrepreneurship & Tax Law Review

We have a new journal here at Mizzou Law with the bold acronym of BETR – the Business, Entrepreneurship & Tax Law Review (“BETR”). (An early idea had it as BEST, but I helped to lower expectations).  Startup is always a bit dicey and so I wanted to help get out the word.  In addition to traditional academic articles, the the journal is also publishing white papers (5-15 pages) with a more practical bent and much more quickly published.

Subject matter: intellectual property, taxation, banking and finance, and regulatory issues.

Contact: Editor-in-Chief mulawbetr@missouri.edu (Currently Alex Langley).

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2 thoughts on “A BETR Journal: The Business, Entrepreneurship & Tax Law Review

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      Dennis, I’m familiar with most legal text formats. What would you consider a legal white paper to be, or are these more like business/technical white papers where its a problem/solution write up.

      If so, I think that would be useful, especially for the cross-section BETR is angling for, e.g., how to file business incorporation documents (and what type), how to opt into (or out of) various regimes of taxation, etc.

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