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      link to talkingpointsmemo.com

      A South Carolina lawmaker known for his support for the Second Amendment and Confederate flag was released from jail on Tuesday after allegedly beating and pointing a gun at his wife, the Charleston Post and Courier reported….

      According to an incident report obtained by the Post and Courier, Corley’s wife told police that he punched her in the face repeatedly in front of two children, aged 2 and 8, after he had been “caught cheating.” She alleged that he only stopped hitting her when the children began screaming and he saw blood coming from her head. Corley then allegedly retrieved a handgun from a vehicle outside, pointed it at her, and said he was going to kill himself before going into a bedroom

      “My wife was indoctrinated by liberals, your honor. They are the guilty ones here.”

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        Guy wants to go outside his marriage to a lovely woman who made him a right nice family and MM says that he would be alleging that the woman was the one indoctrinated by lefties (not liberals, but rather their progeny).

        Spoiler out of touch id iot boomer, he’s the one indoctrinated by lefties. Pay attention to who is promoting.

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    link to digitaltrends.com

    A spokesperson for the company told Digital Trends, “Judging which pages on the web best answer a query is a challenging problem and we don’t always get it right.” […]

    Google made sure to emphasize it is still sorting its results automatically, and that the company had simply “made improvements” to its algorithm when it comes to “non-authoritative information.”

    ….Before Google issued its fix, several top results answered the queries about the Holocaust’s legitimacy in the affirmative with links to anti-Semitic and h@te websites….

    Remember: some of the same folks who rail against 101 jurisprudence as applied to logic predicted here that in 20 years computers could replace jurists. Guess again, people.

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      You were probably one of those nay-sayers that exclaimed “why would anyone want one of those?” when computers first came out, weren’t you?

      Now, you are glued to one for all of your propaganda efforts.

      “Go figure Folks”

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    Tech watchers have been keeping their eye on this grift for years:

    link to thefiscaltimes.com

    [I]nstead of investing in stronger mapping or sensory technology, the companies making self-driving cars would rather the government pay to upgrade roads. And just think of the cost of such an enterprise: Donald Trump’s alleged trillion-dollar infrastructure program wouldn’t come close to getting it all done.

    I think normal people would call what we have here a grift. The car companies want to commandeer public infrastructure as a massive subsidy for their business model. And in the zero-sum world of government spending, such a scheme necessarily crowds out transportation that everyone can afford to use.

    Nobody could have predicted! Get ready for lots more of this nonsense. Because rich people need their robot cars, and their special robot car lanes. They’re very important people! We have to pay attention to them.

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      You would like us all to wait for 30 minutes to maybe squeeze into a bus packed with people, 20% of which have a cold or the flue, to be carted stop by stop 10 miles, over the course of an hour, to make a commute that takes 10 minutes by car?

      This is your utopia?

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        us all

        Because patent attorneys shouldn’t be asked to get onto a bus or take trains along with the riff-raff and their exotic diseases.

        LOL You gotta love it when the truth leaks out.

        a commute that takes 10 minutes by car

        I commute by train every day at rush hour and it’s at least a half hour faster than car. But wait! My tax dollars could be spent subsidizing a private company’s fantasies of having its own dedicated car lane, making traffic worse for everyone else, so some rich white people could read in private comfort while their robot chauffers them to work? And at the same time, the funds to maintain the perfectly good and well-tested train system are depleted? Gosh, that sounds just awesome. Makes total sense!


          There isn’t a private company making train cars that run on that subsidized train track your on? The fair you pay isn’t subsidized by the tax payers, even those that work from home and don’t use that multi-billion dollar boondoggle your on?

          Bing, bong, stay clear of the clozin’ doors. You’ve banged your head too much already.


            Nobody could have predicted that the most entitled attorneys who ever walked the earth would insist on trillions of dollars of subsidies for cr@p vaporware because (wait for it!) it’s the best way for them to avoid the alleged scourge of “bedbugs” on public transit.

            Meanwhile, out of the other side of its collective mouth, the same perpetually self-enriching cr0wd obsesses over the “demonization” of rich white people. Go figure.


              “Those city constituencies sent a total of $10.1 billion to the MTA in fiscal year 2014: $5.3 billion in fares and tolls and $4.8 billion in indirect fees like taxes, subsidies and debt service. Comptroller Scott Stringer said the latter amount equates to $130 per month per household before anyone steps onto a subway platform.”

              link to crainsnewyork.com

              And that does not even mention Federal and State subsidies.


              the same perpetually self-enriching cr0wd obsesses over the “demonization” of rich white people. Go figure.

              You cannot be Fn serious.

              Somehow you really do think your anti-White racism is not only “OK,” but justified…?

              Racism against ANY race remains racism.


                anon bro it’s ok to accept that the left have been the most RAYCYST your whole life while making you believe that it was the right wing the whole time via their mind control outlets. They only shifted their RAYCISM from blacks to whites (though many of them didn’t get the memo and go on h8ing blacks).

                1. I am not certain what exactly you think is “OK to accept,” 6.

                  Do I realize the necessary incoherency of employing racism to “c0mbat racism”?

                  Of course.

                  Do I recognize that the liberal left will do everything in its power to keep their eyes tight to this incoherency?

                  Of course.

                  But recognizing such is by no means – and most definitely should not be taken to mean – “acceptance” – and that would be either acceptance of the tactic or acceptance of the false nature of what they attempt to do with that tactic.

                  I do not accept racism.

                  Of any kind, under any “projected ends.”

                2. Fine if you want to call “recognize” the word to use then that’s fine. But I’d suggest taking it one step further towards simple “acceptance” of the truth which you just wrote down into your very being and “world view”.

                  Once you recognize a thing you may not be willing to accept it as a part of your view of the world around you just yet (as in, in your “worldview”). Go ahead and accept that truth into your worldview.

                3. Your use of the word “accept” is not acceptable.

                  Perhaps this is too nuanced for you, but there is a very real difference that is rather important on this topic.


          Does that count your walk to the station (or do you drive to the station?). Does that count your walk from the station? Does that count the time you spend on the platform waiting for the train? Does it count days off work recovering from the diseases you catch? Does it count the expense of bed bug fumigation in your home due to the critters you picked up on the 2 train?

          Is your commute faster than by car because you live in Manhattan and are commuting a couple of miles to another part of Manhattan? Well bully for you. Most of the country doesn’t live on top of the D train.


            “Does it count days off work recovering from the diseases you catch?”

            Or the days off work other people spend dealing with the diseases he gives them, and which spread more and more.

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      Well at least MM’s classism is now explicitly classism. Next up he can start making his anti-wyte RAYCISM more blatant by just explicitly being RAYCYST whenever he can find a good news story about it.

      As to your butt-hurt of the day MM, sensors and mapping will be improving just fine and will no doubt be up to the tasks required. Indeed, just from the article it looks like they already are at or above the human level of driving acumen.

      1. 8.3.1

        Though MM, for all seriousness, even if we do make some partitioned off lanes, eventually all cars will be moving towards self-driving for safety, so eventually even your “muh poors” are going to be forced into using the “more expensive” autodriving stuff.

        “And we may decide that expending enormous public sums for the benefit of a handful of companies doesn’t make a ton of sense, in which case we’ll still need all those truck drivers and chauffeurs a little longer.”

        Because you know, no actual lives will be saved by auto-driving automobiles.

      2. 8.3.2

        Well at least MM’s classism is now explicitly classism.


        You haven’t been paying attention, have you 6?

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    Has anyone noticed the imagery:

    Joseph is taking a selfie with Mary and the infant using his mobile phone.

    Mary is making a V-sign with her palm not facing in the Churchillian direction but in the less polite direction.

    The Magi are on Segway scooters and the gold, frankincense and myrrh are in Amazon boxes. Everyone knows that Amazon delivers with miraculous speed.

    The shepherd is singing from a score on his mobile phone or pad.

    In deference to global warming there are solar cells on the roof of the shed.

      1. 7.1.1

        Well, except that Mary is flashing a standard issue Peace sign, we see nothing impolite about that…. The bare shoulder and bra strap on the other hand…. not to mention the standard issue rather than Christmas themed Starbucks cup on the other hand….


          Given that symbols are not actually universal, it is a good thing that she is not flashing a “standard” “OK” sign, eh Les?


      1. 7.2.1

        Balthazar who according to legend came from Arabia is traditionally shown as black. The other two magi came from Persia and were white. The other inhabitants of the Holy Land were ethnically white. This imagery goes back a very long way and apart from Balthazar who may in fact have been ethnically white also simply accords with history.

        So the reference to a “token black dude” is inappropriate. In this regard the image adheres to history and tradition.


          I think that he may have been referring to the notion that the images have been “updated.” In that sense, it may have been more PC to include a female of
          O r i e n t a l persuasion.

          Note as well, that Joseph could have been replaced with Josephine, to provide a “participation trophy” to the
          h 0 m 0 s
          x u a l

          That perhaps would have been a bolder contemporary statement than the commercialized version portrayed here.

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    In American Greatness, Mark Pulliam asserts that Tr-mp’s future Supreme Court appointments are essential to his success as a “disrupter,” arguing that for “Tr-mp to succeed in his mission to ‘drain the swamp,’ he has to bat 1.000 with his SCOTUS appointments—the equivalent of picking Scalia, Thomas, and Alito seriatim,” because only justices in that mold will “resurrect the long-neglected limits on federal government power that the United States Supreme Court abandoned during the 1930s, to enable the alphabet soup of New Deal agencies and legislation.”

    American Greatness? LOL. No, I will not provide a link to whatever lurks at that website.

    But apparently there you can find magnificently wealthy (and magnificently white — surprise!) “retired lawyer” Mark Pulliam cheerleading for the appointment of three of the finest conservative white men you’ll ever meet. Because that’s how you “drain the swamp” of all that croneyism and white dude deal-making. Sure it is!

    Only then, apparently, can we return to the roaring twenties when black people and women knew their place. How did that awesomeness ever end? I forget … oh, that’s right: the New Deal ruined everything! Mark Pulliam will tell you all about it. He’s a very serious person and totally not a just self-interested shill who’s earned more than most people’s extended families will earn over their entire lifetimes combined. SCOTUSblog wants you to pay attention because, hey, the DC c0 cktail party scene is simply abuzz with all the marvelous changes taking place. Even Justice Kennedy is getting the rest he needs.

    1. 6.1

      In the meantime, the O-man assured the Jewish community that he was not anti-Semitic, having this drawn into question by his 20years attendance at the church of the flaming anti-Semite the Reverend Wright. Then he spends his entire reign undermining Israel, gut stabbing Israel on Iran, and then backstabbing Israel on this weeks UN resolution.

      Actions speak louder than words, MM.

      1. 6.1.1

        the O-man assured the l00ney t0nes zionist n-tcase portion of the Jewish community that he was not anti-Semitic

        Fixed for accuracy. News flash: a lack of blind support for Israel — a small country on the other side of the world — does not equate with “anti-Semitism.”

        he spends his entire reign undermining Israel

        You really do soak up the rightwing propaganda like a sp0nge, don’t you?

        In any event, what’s to worry? The maniac you proudly voted for is going to build a bunch more nuclear bombs and, at the same time, he’s going to try to draw Iran into a war. It’s all good. What could possibly go wrong?


          MM, now you yourself are talking like Wright. “Zionists.”

          Here is a link to the NY Times coverage: link to nytimes.com

          “Some Jewish voters are wary of Obama partly because his former pastor praised a Black Muslim leader, Louis Farrakhan, who has made anti-Semitic remarks. Obama has disavowed the pastor’s intemperate remarks and later resigned from that church.’


              6, 1. Not all Jews concerned about Israel are Zionists.
              2. Not all, perhaps none, are n tjobs.
              3. Dismissing any Jew who supports Israel as a ZNJ is not different that the rants of Farrakhan, who virtually all consider to be anti-Semitic.

    2. 6.2


      Your equating of “white” with any “E V I L” that you don’t like is probably the largest concentration of racism this blog has ever seen.

      You really are the Trump of this blog.

      1. 6.2.1

        Your equating of “white” with any “E V I L”

        Please explain to everyone how you get from my comment to this conclusion.

        [grabs popcorn]

        This should be really interesting. Remember to use complete declarative sentences and English, “anon.” I’d suggest using one of your darker crayons for easy reading.

      2. 6.2.2

        Fact check for “anon”: more than 95% of the million+ households in the top one percent by income in US are white (median net asset worth of $8.3 million dollars). [<– this data is a few years old; I'm sure it's worse now]

        But don't let this stop your hypocritical mewling, Mr. "PC is the worst thing ever"! Please continue whining. You're a very serious and deep thinking person, after all.


          Yay “very serious” poker tell as you wallow in your false equivalencies.

          Attacking “race” because of top 1%ers is about as asinine and false as you can get.


          “Fact check for “anon”: more than 95% of the million+ households in the top one percent by income in US are white (median net asset worth of $8.3 million dollars). [<– this data is a few years old; I'm sure it's worse now]"

          And what is wrong with that MM the RAYCYST?

    3. 6.3

      “Because that’s how you “drain the swamp” of all that croneyism and white dude deal-making. ”

      Tell us all MM, how all that “croneyism” and “white dude dealmaking” could take place with a tiny gov?

    1. 4.1

      I didn’t see that specific one, but I’ve seen about 20 different pieces and youtube videos by actual liberals trying to save “liberalism”/”the left”/dems from “post modern” leftyism. That which sprung up due to their muh victims not quite measuring up to the standards that old school liberals just knew the muh victims would 40 years ago, if only the evil whyte mail would give them a chance. There’s barely any actual liberals in existence in the modern day, and I wish them well, but I estimate their chances as vanishingly small. The reason is simple. Old school liberalism is “spent” because it already won, all that it could do has more or less been done. Thus there is no reason for modern leftyists to “back convert” to their old beta version of what they have today except for “lesser muh feels” compared to those which modern day leftyism promises them. Modern leftyism will soon be at death’s door because all it wants to do is further the social ills that old school liberalism was willing to tolerate in order to see its agenda through (which I grant them, had never been tried back then, so it’s understandable they wanted to try it). And also because my generation’s right wing is about to grow and transform into many different things, and will no longer be as dominated by the old school liberal/lefty-coddling “conservative movement”. And because allegedly the generation after mine is already more right wing than any since the Greatest Gen. Small wonder, them seeing and living with the social devastation wrought by the fcking idi ot boomers, even worse than our gen did.

      If you’re interested I can give you some links to the youtube vids etc.

  5. 3

    Amazing nativity scene, and Joseph taking a selfie too!

    Very happy holiday season, and very happy new year to you and Jason who produce this much appreciated blog, your families, and other readers and contributors.

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