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    Seems like the perfect time to remind everyone — especially attorneys — who voted for Mango H@irball: go f c k yourself and rot in he l l.

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      And how the H has this (all too typical) rant by Malcolm have anything to do with patent law?

      It’s not as if Malcolm has not had dozens of the same type of rant expunged previously, or does not know that this is simply not appropriate for a patent blog…

      13 years of this…

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      No doubt – and the vacuum of power creates ripples of trouble.

      As it has throughout history.

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        I beg to differ that there is so-called weakness of Congress, and that it is a flaw (power vacuum) in the system.

        What we have are people acting directly in response to electoral trends of the public, the public of course voting based on the IDEAS and PREMISES they hold about what the system is and what it should do, about the relationship between State and Individual and what the Government’s proper role is.

        DEMOcracy is rule of the DEMOS (literally) and whatever impurities once exhibited by the ideas of a Constitutional Republic are all but gone from the general electorate. They have been for over centuries now come to embrace the idea that they get a shot to put in power a cartel of bosses who will give them goodies and oppress people of other stripes, until those people of other stripes vote in their cartel to do the same for them, for a short period.

        So is what Congress is doing weak? Are they ignoring the cries of the demos are they deaf to the whispers of their constituents? By no means, they are listening more strongly than ever to your neighbors, both in the ivory towers and in the gutters.

        It is not a flaw that Congress should so closely mirror and advocate the ideas (if you can call them that) of little would be tyrants living next door to you, it is a feature of the system, Ruled by the People.


          In theory what you say is true, but you view of Demos does NOT translate fully to the modern experience of the juristic person (not a TRUE reflection of Demos) having its “capture effect.”

          And yes, this capture IS a weakness.

          I am not certain if this is reflected in the historical Google Data here (but then again, I am not certain the algorithm fully reflects the purported results). Additionally, your point would argue against those same results, and your argument does not provide any alternative reasoning to explain the (taken as objective) results.

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    Does “Google” itself become included if sentiment (or monied “voice”), and not just scanned books, were included in the algorithm?

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        Thanks Mellow.

        An interesting pair – contrasting fear and benevolence…

        By the way, I tend to view the “Singularity” much along the lines of the clarksworld version, and the occurrence of the event to be something that humanity will NOT witness, as such a happening is likely to occur without the bold “throwing of a switch,” but rather, a fleeting instant with the new awareness keeping to itself, rather than any bold announcement (sort of like – by opposite action – emphasizing the parody of the Geico commercials with the evil world conqueror forcing the hero to sit through a PowerPoint presentation of how the conqueror plans to enact his plan, down to how to choosing a drillbit and all).

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