How to use DOCX in EFS-Web and PAIR

From the PTO:

Join us for a seminar on filing DOCX, which is structured text. The DOCX Information Sessions will start Wednesday, November 13 from 2-3 p.m. ET. We will discuss DOCX as an efficient way to file a patent application electronically. You’ll learn what the DOCX format is, how you can use it to file nonprovisional utility applications, and the benefits it provides to you and your patent applications.

The webinar is free and open to all. Please register for available dates and times.

More information is available on the event page of the USPTO website

8 thoughts on “How to use DOCX in EFS-Web and PAIR

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    I’d love to file in docx, applications and responses to office actions – after all, that’s the format in which I write them, and I’m prepared to take responsibility for the content of the document. And the PTO has all sorts of problems with pdfs, as anyone knows who has downloaded a pdf reference from a journal and had to re-pdf it with one or other of the pdf utilities just to get it accepted by EFS-Web when filing an IDS. But, right now, under no circumstances am I prepared to sign off on whatever conversion process the PTO applies to the docx I submit and have that converted file be the “authentic” document that the PTO relies on. If I submit in docx, my docx has to be the authentic document – the PTO can convert it with WizzoPDF into something more convenient for its examiners to read, that’s fine; but when push comes to shove, my filing, my format.

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      Oooh … l-i-e-s!

      So nasty! And about such important stuff too. Bald rich white guys UNITE! Gonna go down swinging!

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        Even aside from the mindless “R” card, Malcolm’s response of denigration towards a “Pro-Patent” response to the USPTO action reveals both his cognitive dissonance and his Trump-like behavior.

        He really ought to have his posts associated with a Trump caricature icon.

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    I will no doubt be pleased to learn about filing DOCX files, but right now I would be glad if they could just keep PAIR running from minute to minute.

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