Doll or Manikin

I love the elvish doll designed by Dr. Dudley Joy Morton uncovered by Prof. Burstein.  Morton was an orthopedic surgeon who was also an amateur “paleoanthropologist.”  He was apparently the first to suggest that Australopithecus was a hominid.  Morton published several books about feet, but only one related to gnomes & elves: The Grampas’ Toyshop (1922), a book of Christmas poetry. “After lights out on Christmas Eve, Grampa Stabler, an old elf, takes Ned and Sister to Toyland to meet Santa Claus and see the inner workings of his toy-making workshop.”

3 thoughts on “Doll or Manikin

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    This old patent also reminded me of something I had repressed – that even into the early 1960’s patent drawings had to be signed with the firm name in ink, and I had made a mess of some.

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    Dennis, are you slyly suggesting patent trolls were already design patented in 1922?

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