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    Re the 7th Cir. “Amici Curiae Brief of 66 Law, Economics, Business, and Medical Professors in Support of Plaintiffs-Appellants”
    This is arguing an anti-trust violation by alleged building of a “patent thicket” around a product.
    Years ago planting a “patent thicket” was argued by SCM against Xerox in the 2d Cir., and it lost.
    [Of course, the patents being planted need to be validly patentable versus each other as well as over other art.]

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      Does not the inoculation to anti-trust of enforcing A patent necessarily extend to enforcing a collection of patents?**

      ** all things being equal, and there being nothing nefarious outside of the collection itself.

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        Yes they should be just as enforceable, assuming the multiple patents were their own and valid and not collected from potential competitors in a monopolization scheme. But there have been historical past times when there was what can be argued to be FTC staff antirust theory overreach.


          It does not matter if collected — that’s one of the express perks of our system in making the property to be completely alienable.

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