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    wow. He was very careful about hiding his true identity and gave very few clues. I suspect Dennis must know who he is, though based on his IP address (unless he used a proxy). One clue he gave was he implied he was in the field a very long time, so perhaps he is older and did pass away? I also believe based on a comment he made that he worked for the USPTO a long time ago. But who knows. This board is better off without him, although these forums are more educational when there are opposing viewpoints.

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      although these forums are more educational when there are opposing viewpoints.

      I completely agree – with the caveat that those with opposing viewpoints need to actually engage on the merits.

      Another long time poster that DID pass away was Ned Heller.

      Ned had many opposing viewpoints, and he would engage — but only up to a point.

      It was clear that Ned’s engagements were limited by his professional engagements, and the point that (time and again) I could lead him up to in our engagements clearly reflected the view of the client and Ned would NOT engage past the step that he saw as potentially damaging his client’s position.

      But at the least, he did try to engage.

      I have seen NO ONE even attempt (and I speak to and about those with opposing views) as Ned tried.

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    After seeing this news item today I cannot help asking: Does Texas have some kind of effective attorney disciplinary system like other states? [Considering how very many national patent suits have been or still are so well-hosted in EDTX, and now Waco WDTX, this is not OT.]
    “A Texas lawyer who was fired from his job after posting videos of himself at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6 filed a lawsuit on Monday declaring that the “entire 117th Congress is illegitimate” and, therefore, Donald Trump’s impeachment is “null and void.” He purported to bolster that argument by saying his case was not a Sidney Powell, Lin Wood or Rudy Giuliani lawsuit…”
    [Did he forget to mention the Texas AG’s strange last minute Sup. Ct. suit?]

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      I agree that it sounds outlandish and possibly sanctionable.


      I would have to see that actual complaint (and the controlling rules).

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    Re truly synthetic patented non-leather leather, remember DuPont’s “Corfam” years ago? Had a pair of shoes made with it. They cracked.

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      Hi NW, years ago I got overly frustrated with the spam filter. It was maddening to spend time on posts only to have it disappear. I posted I was taking a hiatus due to that. Dennis never responded or offered any solution, so I guess he didn’t care about the problem.

      I still lurk and read posts here once in a while. I hope everybody has been well!

      And whatever happened to Malcolm?

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        It was just about a year ago that Malcolm had his last barrage of posts, took an absence of about two weeks, then had a trickle of posts up to his 15 year anniversary, and then disappeared entirely.

        I suspect that he has passed away.


          … but there appears to be a “Malcolm-lite” protege over at IPWatchdog named TFCFM who posts in a similar anti-software, anti-business method, there-should-be-only-picture-claims motif.

          He does not have the same vitriol as Malcolm did, but he does share the same shallow view of innovation protection (and exhibits an out-sized ego).

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        … and I hear you on the filters (there are more than one).

        What I loved to, especially for long posts, was to compose the posts ‘off-line,’ and then copy into the comment field.

        Shorter posts still occasionally get snagged, and the release from filters is still very much ‘hit or miss’ (and still reflects a use of editorializing that draws Section 230 implications — as I have LONG noted).


            thanks, guys. I appreciate the comments. I can start posting again so long as the spam filter doesn’t keep eating my posts!


              Write in Word, then copy over (especially if you have more than a paragraph, or a complex point).

              Filters still abound.

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    Jeopardy! has featured this trivia not once, but twice, at least:

    #7232, aired 2016-02-09 LEATHER $1200: Ironically, Seth Boyden never legally protected his process to make the high-gloss leather with this name

    #8237, aired 2020-09-15 IT COMES FROM ANIMALS $600: Seth Boyden never got a patent for the process to manufacture the “patent” type of this

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