EDTex vs WDTex

Here is a simple chart counting law review articles discussing both patent law and either the “Eastern District of Texas” or “Western District of Texas” (or both).  Because of some law review delays and dating-games, Westlaw can really only provide data through 2019.

W.D.Tex. is now the most popular district court for patent infringement claims, followed by Delaware.  E.D.Tex. still caries weight, but is no longer the go-to-district (because of venue restrictions).

2 thoughts on “EDTex vs WDTex

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    Premature for WDTX academic patent articles. The big patent litigation change in WDTX is not in the district in general. It is solely due to the new single judge in Waco, Judge Albright, who has only been there since September 10, 2018, and has yet to have a jury trial decision on appeal to the CAFC yet, as far I am aware? [Just 3 stiff mandamus venue decision reversals.]

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    Is this a direct attempt to tee up Night Writer’s comment about the “worth” of law review articles…?

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