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    EFF: …we wholeheartedly agree with the practical analysis: the Director of the Patent Office needs to be accountable through the political process for the enormous power that comes with the position.

    This is insane (and tiring). Our patent rights depend entirely on who runs the USPTO. Big tech won the election so they will soon choose the next Director.

    The U.S. patent system is a farce.

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      Rage without focus is just not helpful.

      Sure, the misinformation from the likes of Miss Moss at the Efficient InFringer Foundation should be pointed out for what it is (as well as the ‘scholarship’ of anti-patent academia and the likes of Silbey and Contreras): abject propaganda.

      But we cannot forget the critical point that the ‘why’ this is upsetting is because we WANT a strong innovation protection system, and where the propaganda leads is the opposite of that.

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