In re Glascoe (Fed. Cir. 2022)

The USPTO refused to register Glascoe’s mark SCIENTIFIC STUDY OF GOD for use as a service mark when “analyzing the process of creating a human being, the earth, the universe and its environment.” I know what you are thinking–deceptively misdescriptive.  The TTAB did not go there, but instead refused registration after concluding that the mark was “merely descriptive.”

“A term is merely descriptive if it immediately conveys knowledge of a quality, feature, function, or characteristic of the goods or services with which it is used.” In re Bayer Aktiengesellschaft, 488 F.3d 960, 963 (Fed. Cir. 2007)

Here. Glascoe’s purported services are related to the scientific study of god, which is the exact mark that is being claimed.  Glascoe appealed pro se. Her brief begins:

Pro Se Appellant DEIRDRE C. GLASCOE is an Extra-Terrestrial Life Form—The Alien Entity known As GOD. GOD Is A Brand Name®, as are “I AM,” “YHWH,”  “Yahweh,” “Jesus Christ™”, “Allah”, “Lord GOD of Israel,” “EL”, “Human Beings.” GOD’s Kingdom is a foreign state within the meaning of the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act.

GlascoeBrief.  As you might guess from this excerpt, I did not find anything within Glascoe’s briefing that suggests ‘scientific study’ in a form that I would recognize. That makes me think that the misdescriptive refusal might be more appropriate.  For its part, the Federal Circuit provided a one sentence summary denial:  “Ms. Glascoe has failed to make any cogent, non-frivolous argument as to why the Board’s determinations were incorrect.”  In briefing, Glascoe noted that the TTAB had erred by failing “to recognize GOD as a legal person.”  On appeal, the Federal Circuit did not address that issue.

One thing that Glascoe does is use Anagrams as decoding keys to understand underlying meaning. I’ve provided a couple of examples from the briefing. 


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    Who’d have thunk my normal morning checkups on the IP law blogs would provide so much mirth. This case file is just rich.

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      Please, please, please, can we stop these types of political statements from being on this board?

      Ok, I give up. There’s simply too much political discussion here, for reasons entirely related to patent law. I’m removing Patently-O from my links, and will recommend everyone do the same.

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        Diversity and related enforcement is not mere politics. Never forget that friend comrade. If we don’t excise the evil from the education system then we will never achieve glorious diversity in patenting (see pipeline problem).



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    An anagram for former President “Ronald Wilson Reagan” is

    Insane Anglo Warlord

    Glascoe should have done palindromes instead.

    Do Geese See God?

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      My first anagram came out:
      gallons are rain down

      (likely in view of his famous “trickle down” mentality)

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      I have to insert an [of] to make it flow, but a second anagram comes out as


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    Did we not read recently of a new PTO pro bono appeals assistance program? Who will be the lucky “volunteers” for assisting “inventors” like this one?

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      Assuming they get full credit for time spent, I’d imagine it would be a popular position. Patent applications, responses, and briefs are interminably dull.

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    No one wants to be the target of someone having such mad writing skillz. Google provides a long list of lawsuits this unique individual has been involved in.

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    Why do some Federal Circuit orders list the judges and other Federal Circuit orders do not list the judges? No judges listed on this one.

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