3 thoughts on “Attorney Fees for Not Quickly Dropping Meritless Lawsuit

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    . . . which is why I don’t run my comments by my wife. 🙂

    (Sometimes pounding the facts, law, or at least the table — is the only path to progress.)

    Even Jesus himself got angry at folks from time to time . . .

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    DC, you could have taken out some of the gossipy stuff, but the basic facts of the case could have been presented: the accused infringing product was on the market a year before the patent application was filed, and plaintiff (or its attorney) didn’t withdraw the case as soon as that fact became know.

    Will plaintiff now sue its lawyer for inadequate representation, or failure to inform it of the consequences of the filing of a frivolous suit (or failure to withdraw as soon as it became apparent that the suit was frivolous)?

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