IP Law in the 21st Century at Columbia Law in NYC

I’m looking forward to speaking at Columbia Law School on Monday night (March 6, 2023) at the 5th Annual IP Law in the 21st Century Panel.  The event is moderated by the really amazing professor Mavis Fowler-Williams. The panel includes a powerhouse set of speakers, including Dawn Davis EIC of Bon AppetitBrittany  Hazelwood from Cognizant, and Rebecca Michaud from Amazon.

The public is invited to attend in person, but you should register first.

Columbia Law School (NYC) starting at 7pm, Monday March 6.
Registration: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/5th-annual-ip-law-in-the-21st-century-panel-of-artists-lawyers-tickets-56357161687

— Dennis

3 thoughts on “IP Law in the 21st Century at Columbia Law in NYC

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    Anyone with the name Mavis has got to be good. Don’t mess with a Mavis 🙂

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    Have a thread with very low comment count?

    No problem, just throw an eligibility thread out there and your average will be raised back up to levels that make the sponsors happy.

    As Brooks Hatlen would say, “Easy Peasy Japanesey”

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    People who misrepresent IP to weaken it are not impressive or powerhouses. They are dark forces that are destroying our country.

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