Scanner v. ICOS Vision Systems

Scanner Technologies Corp. v. ICOS Vision Systems Corp. (Fed. Cir. 2004)

(Figure shows lens, mirrors, camera, ect.)

In a standard claim construction case, the Federal Circuit vacated a grant of summary judgment in an infringement case involving technology for inspecting electronic components. (U.S. Patent No. 6,064,756 and 57). The lower court found that “comprising . . . an illuminating apparatus” was limited to a single apparatus, while the appellate court held that the phrase would include one or more.

Update: April 29, 2004. Although ICOS Vision Systems lost the appeal, their press release indicates that they may still have a good case.

Anton DeProft, president and chief executive officer of ICOS Vision Systems, commented, “We are disappointed with this decision, but note that the ruling was on a very narrow issue of claim construction, and involved a relatively limited number of systems we sold. We continue to believe that we do not infringe any valid patents of Scanner Technologies and intend to continue to vigorously defend our rights.”