AI at the USPTO

The USPTO has extended its public comment period on the subject of patenting artificial intelligence inventions. Due Date: October 11, 2019 now November 8, 2019.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Patents

The PTO is also seeking a Senior Level AI Expert.

The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) is seeking a technical expert to advance the shared understanding of how to best implement the opportunities presented by Artificial Intelligence. The role will provide technical expertise in developing solutions for real-world, large-scale problems using Artificial Intelligence at the USPTO.

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29 thoughts on “AI at the USPTO

  1. 7

    Can we use some AI and remove (and prevent) ALL of the non-patent law


    (direct and surreptitious) from this (supposed) patent law blog?

  2. 6

    The difference between traditional software and AI is that traditional software will take inputs x and provide outputs y, while AI will take inputs x and provide outputs y 85% of the time.. and Silicon Valley wants you to pay 10x for AI’s output of y because it’s just as good a “human.”

    Machine learning is simply a way to pay less for software development. Pay a data scientist 50% of what you pay an algorithm developer. Can’t access data sets to train your models? Make up the data!

      1. 6.1.1

        A point I was trying to make is that machine learning is really an engineering and/or software development paradigm. It’s an existential challenge to highly paid algorithm developers, or owners of highly highly highly optimized algorithms that depend on the cost (time and dollars) of replicating what they have to maintain market dominance. (*cough*GOOG*cough*)

        Marc Andreessen famously quipped that, “software will eat the world!” But first, software is going to eat itself.

        p.s. How long did it take scientists working with the likes of Deep Blue and AlphaGo? wasn’t it close to 30 years? (and it still only won 4 out 5 – 80% ;-))

  3. 5

    Maybe Fraud Iancu can join forces with the Ukrainian patent office to improve examination of AI patent claims. I hear they have some great servers over there. Plus it’s such a great, great country.

    What say you, glibs and Re pu k k k es?

    1. 5.1

      MM is going to love this! Biden bragging about basically extorting ukrainians to get them to fire a prosecutor. Trumpadump hears about it, tells the ukrainians to go ahead and not worry about that extortion sht biden (and somewhat obama through biden) were up to and go ahead and let the prosecutor(s) do their job (let them hire the prosecutor that was wanting to investigate I guess biden’s son’s bros or his son, or do whatever they want to enforce their laws). Mainstream media picks this up and states beyond all comprehension that it was trumpadump pressuring! LOL. Joe Biden, literally third world tier. Please remember all societies are EQUAL).

      “Joe Biden Brags about getting Ukranian Prosecutor Fired”–dj2-CY

      1. 5.1.1

        Well, if there were ever a doubt about the 6-is-a-Russian-bot hypothesis…

        I hope that they award you a medal (or upgrade your processor, or whatever) for your persistence and creativity.

  4. 4

    Iancu is a fraud appointed by a l i a r. Like everyone associated with Orange Mushroomhead, he’s human s c u m, as are his supporters.

    Time to blow that whistle before the PTO turns into an even bigger c e s s p 0 0 l.

  5. 3

    News flash: AI is a buzz word for … computing.

    The best way to “implement opportunities” realated to AI is to keep the PTO out of it entirely. Also fire the dillwad who wrote “implement opportunities.”

    1. 3.1

      … notwithstanding the fact that you are wrong (while AI is a subset of computing, computing naturally encompasses more than AI and thus the two are not interchangeable), what exactly is your point? Does innovation in computing somehow “miraculously” distinguishes itself as being innovation outside the realm of patent protection on some per se basis? Are claims to such innovation somehow not capable of being written in at least one statutory category? Are such claims not providing utility within the Useful Arts?

      Do you have anything other than your feelings (or the table) to pound?

      Maybe facts (reality)…?
      Maybe Law (as written by Congress)…?






          Your “cognitive” reply is for you to do your own special Derp Dance….

          Gee, I am shocked. Shocked I tell you.

      1. 3.1.2

        AI is computing, dips-h-i-t, and the same issues that plague all “do it on a computer” patent claims will plague all AI claims except it will be worse in the case of AI because Fraud Iancu is an incompetent pile of illegal patent peddling dog cr ap.


          Mindless ad hominem and only name calling MISSES the very words I used (and still tries to make a subset and the larger set BE the same thing). You are still wrong and out of touch with reality with that attempt.

          ALL that you are doing is ranting based on your feelings that a certain type of innovation should not have the benefit of our innovation protection laws — and you have no reality or law of Congress to pound in your rants.

          ALL that you have is the table of mindless ad hominem.


            “Derp derp derpitty derp I will got to the mat for Fraud Iancu derp derp because of course I will derp rich white bro gotta be smart DERP.”


              More Derp Dance.

              How exactly is my pointing out how wrong you are is in any way vouching for Iancu?

              Stay focused son.

  6. 2

    For anyone applying to the job, inorder to demonstrate that you’ll fit in with the culture here you need to endlessly insist that AI will improve patent quality while refusing to provide any details how that might work.

    Also, refuse to differentiate between machine learning techniques and Artificial General Intelligence (AGI).

    Best of luck.

    1. 2.1


      Please blow the whistle, PTO insiders. Or get what’s coming to you because the office is about to go straight down the t 0ilet.

      Fraud Director, appointed by a l y I ng criminal.

      Rep u k k kes. Shun them. Punish them.


          I cannot tell from this response whether you are trying to respond to anon or MM (both are invisible to me), but it really does not make a difference. Being totally unintelligible is a common trait for both. Both like to serve their nonsense undiluted, except for the occasional addition of bile and vituperation into the mix. It just is not worth the effort to engage with either.


            … and yet another snide shot from the sidelines of inte11ectual coward “I Use My Real Name” Greg.

            I think that he may need a hug.


          You state “inorder to demonstrate that you’ll fit in with the culture here” and I have to wonder whether “fitting into that culture” is necessarily a good thing or rather that changing the culture is what is important.

          Do you not recall one of Iancu’s earliest missives about changing the tone to be more pro-patent?

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