7 thoughts on “VirnetX wins another Jury Verdict.

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    Wow. The patent system is not completely dead. But I’d wager this verdict will most likely be used as evidence that Biden will buy into that the patent system needs further weakening.

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      Actually…there is still a JMOL outstanding that Judge Schroeder needs to address in which Virnetx (correctly) points out that Apple failed to introduce any additional evidence in this (4th damages) trial which wasn’t already covered in the prior damages trial which awarded 1.20/device….thus the prior jury trial verdict per device (which has already been affirmed by the appellate court) is the MINIMUM that the jury could reasonably find per res judica.

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        Except we have to remember that laws don’t apply to patent trials and verdicts. Judges just do whatever they want to patent owners ’cause them there trolls be bad actors according to the likes of Lemley et al.


          I recall the Monty Python sketch of the witch and “she turned me into a newt”…

          … I got better.

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    Hard fought and well-deserved, VirnetX and legal team.

    Indeed, at just 84 cents/device, Apple got off cheap.

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