Inauguration Day

The Federal Circuit and Supreme Court are both closed today.  Although inauguration day is not a nationwide federal holiday, it is a holiday for non-essential federal employees who work in the Washington DC Area.

Congratulations to President Biden! We’ve got some work to do.


12 thoughts on “Inauguration Day

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    The best part of this patent is the CPC classification:

    A63F3/00138 – Board games concerning voting, political, or legal subjects

    Talk about on-point classification! Can the CPC scheme creators spend a little less time on board games, and a bit more on computer applications, maybe?

      1. 2.1.1

        Meh, probably facebook this time. Google is more concerned with the anti-trust case right now.


          Anti-trust will go away under Biden. He is beholden to Google. Either way, patents are dead…again.


            We should take bets on the phony anti-trust ‘consent’ order that google will write on its own behalf – to settle the anti-trust case. Mandatory banning of ‘hate speech’ or some other sick joke.

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    That 4, 012,045 patent “Jurisprudence” board game looks like fun. But I do not see it having, like a “Monopoly” game does, a “Go To Jail” landing spot for attorneys? With what we have been seeing these days there should be one for that, and another for disbarments.

    1. 1.3

      “other variations contemplated by the present invention include provision for oneor more “interrogation by police” areas 48 on the game board 10. When a possessor of a Fifth Amendment card 46 lands on such interrogation by police area 48, that participant is entitled to receive a juror 26e from the “Government” and may leave such interrogation by police area 48 on his next turn. However, in certain other alternative embodiments of the present invention a non-possessor of a Fifth Amendment card 46 may not leave the interrogation by police area 48 until a specified number of turns or until random means 16 indicates a certain specified result on that participant’s turn, such as the rolling of “doubles” where dice are used.

      1. 1.3.1

        Taking the 5th is not an option in a bar disciplinary proceeding, and not very effective in a civil case.

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