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This fall I’m teaching Internet Law again after a hiatus. One aspect of law school that is changing is that professors are publishing freely available textbooks and (some) professors are assigning those books for the students.

Examples for Internet Law:

I would encourage practicing attorneys to at least browse the TOC for these books as a way to make sure you are atop the current issues.

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    nice hat tip.

    ?: You teach at a State school, right? any impact to you on the copyright front if you were to simply take textbooks wholesale for your students (with the State Sovereign Immunity in view)?

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        I think Allen v. Cooper was wrongly decided. I have a forthcoming paper on the topic. You can get a preview here: link to

        A bit of an issue is that I could still personally be liable for copyright infringement and, that sort of copying is against my university policy and so I might get fired as well.


          Perhaps you answer in your article (not yet read), but how would you be held personally liable within your actions as a state employee?

          I would also wonder if the university policy could be challenged as being unenforceable as it could be argued to go against public policy as decided by Allen v. Cooper (even if you think that decision to be wrongly decided, it HAS been decided with a direct impact on WHY the State has Sovereign Immunity). My guess would be that the school policy predates this change in public policy.

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